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Dosatron Irrigation Pumps and Supplies Keep Gardens Growing

Hydroponics is one of the most diverse cultivation methods. While there are many different types of hydroponic setups, all have one thing in common: the ability to change irrigation type according to the system configuration and the substrate.

The concept of hydroponics is a simple one that’s been in use for many years. It’s based on providing fast-absorbing nutrients to plants via inert substrates such as clay pebbles, Rockwool, or coco coir. With the use of automatic irrigation, plants get the nourishment they need.

The Benefits of Drip Irrigation in a Hydroponic Garden

These systems are commonly found in hydroponic gardens. When growers control the frequency and quantity with which their plants are watered, they also control the nutrient supply. This gives a grower the chance to give each plant the nourishment it needs.

Drip irrigation systems consist of small droppers and tubes that connect the water reservoir to the plants in the garden. There’s no upper or lower limit as far as size is concerned. The amount of nutrient solution and the schedule by which it’s administered is controlled by a timer, and plants get exactly what they need for optimal growth.

Because the grower doesn’t have to be there to feed and water the plants, a drip irrigation system helps save money and time. In a conventional garden, plants are often overwatered with the expectation that the excess water will simply drain away. This isn’t a very good condition for plants to grow in, nor is it eco-friendly. With drip irrigation supplies from Dosatron, you’ll always have enough water and nutrients for your plants.

Pumps and Supplies for Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic systems need to move water efficiently. Irrigation systems and pumps consist of many parts that work in unison to achieve this goal. To find the system that meets your needs, you’ll need to understand these components. What should cultivators look for when buying an irrigation system, and which manufacturers sell the best products? With Dosatron nutrient delivery systems, injectors, and micro-doser systems, it’s easier to give your plants the water and nutrition they need to survive and thrive.


All hydroponic systems, regardless of complexity, need pumps to move water from a reservoir throughout the system. The water contains the nutrients plants need to thrive, and the pump works to keep the water oxygenated while minimizing algae growth.

If you’ve ever maintained an aquarium, you’ll know how these components work. The water must continually circulate to ensure that it stays fresh and clean enough for the plants to use. As with other pumps, blockages are a primary concern. For these reasons, pumps should be replaced when necessary and inspected regularly.

Other Components of a Hydroponic Cultivation System

A strong pump isn’t the only thing needed for an effective hydroponic cultivation system. Other components ensure the efficient operation of an irrigation setup. For instance, tubing moves water from a reservoir through the system with help from the pump. Top-quality tubing prevents problems that could negatively affect the system and cause future problems. However, tubing is just one part of a hydroponic system.

All systems need a dripper, emitter, or sprayer, as this component delivers nutrients to the plants. Home cultivators often choose recirculating drip systems, as they return unused nutrients to the reservoir once the plants have been fed. The nutrient solution is recovered so it can be recirculated once more. With a recirculating system, a budget-conscious home grower can reduce waste and save money on fertilizer.

By comparison, commercial gardeners often use non-recovery or non-recirculating drip systems. With the use of cycle timers, growers adjust watering times as needed, with the objective being to give the plants just enough water to remain moist. This strategy minimizes waste and reduces system maintenance requirements.

Fittings, connectors, and stoppers bring all hoses and tubing together while preventing water from getting into other areas. Valves and regulators ensure that water only goes where it’s needed. If a section of the garden no longer needs water, a grower can easily shut off the valve and keep water going to plants in other areas.

Quality Irrigation System Components Prevent Leaks, Contamination, and Water Impurities

Hydroponic gardeners face unique challenges, with water impurities being one of the most notable. Screens, grommets, and seals designed for these systems will eliminate the risk of contamination. These components filter out impurities while preventing leaks, ensuring the continued safe operation of the hydroponic system.

Hydroponic Irrigation Systems Increase Crop Yields

Some of the world’s most successful gardeners have invested in automated irrigation systems. These setups substantially improve production efficiency and crop yield. When a greenhouse’s irrigation system is automated, every plant is watered consistently, making them healthier and more resilient. Consistent irrigation also reduces plant stress related to over- and under-feeding and watering. With automated irrigation supplies from Dosatron, it’s easy to find the right tools for your grow op.

Irrigation Systems Can be Used Indoors and Outdoors

Most automated irrigation components can be used in greenhouses as well as indoor and outdoor grows. With that said, outdoor growers must consider whether power outlets are within reach. This isn’t a problem for cultivators using their terraces and balconies, but for those in remote locations, it may be necessary to use a passive system. Here, a large, elevated water reservoir is used, and gravity does most of the work.

Count on Dosatron for a Healthy, Green Garden

Dosatron is an industry leader because of its easy-to-use, durable, and low-maintenance products. Since 1974, the company has been sharing its water-powered dosing technology with gardeners everywhere, and we hope to be here to serve you for many years to come.

Our customers effectively manage their feeding and watering schedules with no worries about changes in pressure and flow. When they do need help, though, our clients know that our customer service experts will work to resolve their issues as soon as possible. With top-quality irrigation supplies from Dosatron, it’s never been easier to get growing!

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