Botanicare Benches


Botanicare 4 FT Slide Bench System is one of two variations of the newest innovation in growing systems, along with the Botanicare 5 FT Slide Bench System. We have redesigned the typical growing bench to tackle a number of common growing ailments - lack of space, low quality materials, and little versatility.

We promote the maximization of your growing space by minimizing permanent aisle space. This slide bench system is available in a width of 4 ft or 5ft and is able to move 8.5 inches from center in either direction, which allows for aisleways to stack into growing space. Simply slide each bench aside for easy access to any plant for closer inspection or harvesting.

The growing surface for our slide bench system is crafted from ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic, making it more durable against everyday wear and tear than traditional materials. The creation process for this plastic involves bonding molecules with polymerization, which ensures longevity through multiple growth cycles. Support up to 25 pounds per square foot while avoiding cracking, bowing, and leaking with this high quality system.

The support system has been constructed with both vertical and horizontal beams to maximize points of contact and support along the underside of the growing surface. Reinforced rollers and bump stops combat tray tipping when the slide bench is offset. Trellis supports have been integrated into the design within the tray’s frame structure in order to avoid interference with compact aisles.

Our slide bench system is available in three thoughtfully designed heights - 12 in, 20 in, and 30 in, measured from the bottom of the growing tray to the floor. Drainage is made easy with a built-in slope adjustment, with 2.5 in of movement in the 12 in tall model and 5 in of movement in the 20 in and 30 in models. Recessed drainage channels ensure water is quickly and easily moved away from the plants to minimize oversaturation.

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