Twister Trimmers - The Best Trimmers of Every Job


Twister Trimmers - The Best Trimmers of Every Job

Twister Trimmers

At one time, harvests needed to be hand-trimmed, which resulted in higher labor costs for cultivators. However, thanks to the development of trimming machinery, hand-trimming is a thing of the past. Rather than investing countless hours trimming products at the end of a season, the Twister T-Zero, T2, T4 and T6 trimming systems can reduce time and labor spent on trimming without sacrificing the quality of the end result.

Twister trimming devices allow growing operations to cut down on labor costs while maintaining health and safety regulations, reducing downtime, and creating a more efficient production environment. All of these benefits come with no reduction in product quality. This means that growers can make more money on their products by reducing their own costs in one safe, effective way.

Twister has been designing and developing trimming systems for over a decade and as such, they have surpassed the industry average for warranty returns, listing theirs at 0.5%, compared to 2% in most cases, and 1% for the best brands in the industry.

These trimming devices ship out within 24 hours following a purchase, and on top of fast delivery, Twister offers customer support that exceeds industry standards. This way, any time a growing operation runs into any difficulties, Twister customer service professionals are ready and willing to help. 

There are machines designed for all operation sizes, from small, home-based production to large-scale operations. No matter what need a grower has, Twister is able to provide trimming solutions that meet that need.

Twister T-Zero Pro: The Largest Industrial Trimmer

The T-Zero Pro is the largest industrial trimming machine on the market. It can handle up to 600 lbs of wet produce and 120 lbs of dry produce while maintaining the highest possible quality. 

This machine is built to run for 24 hours non-stop, and thanks to the ability to bypass the impeller, trimming can create a product perfect for pre-rolls. 

Unlike many other industrial-grade trimming devices, the T-Zero Pro trimmer can produce enough product to pay for itself in the first year of use. 

The time-saving capabilities make it easy to customize and save specific cultivar settings so that achieving certain speeds and vacuum strength combinations can be done with the touch of a button. 

Automation improves processes so much that the T-Zero Pro can be operated with only five personnel needed!

Additionally, the T-Zero Pro was designed with workplace safety in mind, including the use of food-safe materials in its construction, safety sensors, emergency stops, LED illumination, dual monitoring capabilities, silencers that reduce noise to 70 decibels, access restrictions, and HEPA air filtration. The system can deliver high-quality products while maintaining the highest health and safety protocols when compared to other machines of its type. 

Dry product: up to 120 lbs per hour

Wet product: up to 600 lbs per hour

Twister T2: Most Used Commercial Trimmer

More than 10 years went into developing the Twister T2 trimming system, which is part of what has made it the most commonly used industrial trimmer worldwide. 

The new and improved version was built with the same reliability that medium to large operations have come to expect from Twister T2 versions, however, as time passes and technology advances, this system has improved in ways that have kept it at the top of the list for commercial cultivators. 

On one hand, the Twister T2 has improved production qualities so that growers can ensure that each of their products meets or exceeds the required health and safety measures created for commercial standards.

In addition, the machinery itself helps work environments meet health regulations and improve safety measures in growing operations. This means that not only are customers able to rely on these machines for safe, high-quality products, but workers in the cultivation business can look forward to safe workplaces that encourage healthy practices.

The Twister T2 trimming system was built with food-safe materials, contains guard measures, safety sensors, and emergency stops. On top of the machinery being safer to use, it is also easier to clean and maintain. 

While the Twister T2 is a proficient machine on its own, the Trim Saver addition can help ensure that trimming and separating products can be completed as efficiently as possible, with up to 90% of the input being collected in safe, easy to clean collection bins.

Twister T2 machines can be run in-tandem, with up to four processing wet product in a row, and two producing dry product in a row.


Dry product: up to 19 lbs per hour

Wet product: up to 85 lbs per hour


Twister T4: Portable Mid Size Bud Trimmer

This convenient and portable trimming device is perfect for any mid-sized cultivation operation. The Twister T4 trimmer has six different trim settings that will allow growers to create a variety of product specifications based on size, density, and flower quality. Additionally, with these six settings, there exists thirty-six different setting combinations that help create a wide variety of trimming styles with a single machine. 

The Twister T4 trimmer can handle both wet and dry produce, depending on the trim settings used. For example, when trimming wet ingredients, cultivators can increase the blade and tumbler speed. For dry, more fragile produce, tumbler speed and vacuum suction can be decreased for a gentler trim.

Up to four machines can be used at a time when it comes to producing wet material and two machines can be used at a time to produce dry material.

On top of the highly customizable settings, the Twister T4 can be paired with the Trim Saver unit to ensure that more than 90% of all produce trimmed will be efficiently collected in clean, stainless steel bins. They’re the perfect combination for mid-sized cultivation operations.

Dry product: up to 16 lbs per hour

Wet product: up to 113 lbs per hour

Twister’s BatchOne: The Biggest Batch Style Dry Trimmer

Twister’s BatchOne trimming system was specially designed for cultivators who prefer trimming dry produce in batch-style increments. Not only does this system suit dry trimming methods, but it also offers the convenience of mobility as a highly moveable unit.

Because time is money, growers will be pleased to know that the BatchOne unit can handle trimming up to 88 lbs of produce per hour while still maintaining the highest possible quality. With quick trimming and processing, growing operations can move to packing, marketing, and selling their products as quickly as possible for a fast return on their investments.

The machinery itself was built with quality in mind and thanks to the ¼ HP motor and ultrafine saddle adjustment capabilities, the composition of the unit prevents stalling. The BatchOne system was designed with functionality in mind, a user-friendly process, and cost-savings opportunities for every batch.

In addition, the BatchOne system is easy to clean, and extra parts are easy to store when not in use, and thanks to the mobile design, the unit can be easily moved to different rooms or entire locations as needed. With a removable control box, the BatchOne system can fit through standard door widths (32-34”) easily, without running the risk of damaging the machinery.

Dry product: 88lbs per hour

Wet product: (designed for dry trimming only)

Twister BatchOne Trimmer: $22,939

Twister T6: Best Compact Bud Trimmer

The Twister T6 compact trimmer is perfect for small batches and despite the compact, tabletop design, products are trimmed with the highest possible quality and fastest speed for a trimming unit of its size. 

This means that homegrown products can be quickly and conveniently trimmed to perfection with an automated, small machine without the need to invest an entire room to house the unit. 

The Twister T6 is engineered with the highest quality material available on the market, which includes high-performance ballistic-grade plastic, stainless steel, and anodized alloy aluminum. The high-grade materials that go into the construction of the unit help make it one of the most durable, easy to clean, user-friendly, small-capacity trimmers ever designed.

This unit is designed to make short work of small harvests thanks to the Twister SoftTumble technology therein. It is an automated system that cuts the trimming process from days to mere hours.

Additionally, due to weighing only 42 lbs, it is one of the most portable, compact trimming units on the market. This means that growers can trim practically anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors.

Because of the precision design of the rotary blades, users can get the tightest cuts possible in the shortest span of time. 

Dry product: 4 lbs per hour

Wet product: 20 lbs per hour

Twister Trimmer T6 w/ Standard Leaf Collector included: $4,260

Twister B4 Bucker: Commercial Gentle Bucking Machine

Twister’s B4 Bucker system helps make bucking large-scale production a quicker, easier process. Thanks to advanced bucking technology, this single device can replace 5-7 human workers. 

This bucking device is used by more than 70% of the world’s largest producers, partly due to the sheer quantity of that cultivators can process in an hour, and partly due to the stringent QA guidelines it meets. 

Because of the machine’s swappable cartridge capability, production can continue with zero downtime. Simply swapping cartridges as soon as one strain is processed can make it to where the next batch can take place as quickly as possible. 

The B4 Bucking unit was designed to keep up with the non-stop performance needs of large growing productions. No matter how demanding the conditions, the B4 Bucker’s active gearing system can deliver without any jams or delays.

Dry product: up to 30 lbs per hour

Wet product: up to 150 lbs per hour

Twister Trimmer Accessories

Twister carries a variety of accessories, both for the different pieces of machinery offered and additional production accessories. Take a look at the availability of cleaning guns, scrub brushes, handling trays, drying racks, and drying trays.

Additionally, the individual trimming units have an array of accessories and replacement parts available, including:

Take advantage of the multitude of trimming options offered by one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Twister trimmers are highly-customizable, scalable, and can help growers keep more of their returns while reducing labor and production costs. The options are numerous and because Twister trimmers can be used in tandem, there is no harvest size they can’t handle. By meeting health and safety standards during production, growers can ensure that they’re creating the best product possible for their customers.


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