Smart Pot Benefits for Commercial & Home Growing


Smart Pot Benefits for Commercial & Home Growing

About Smart Pots

Though commercial and private gardeners alike know the value of their growing medium, very few realize the impact of their growing containers. Plants in ceramic, terra cotta, or plastic pots often have issues with root rot and root strangulation. Many people overlook the way fabric pots can help prevent these issues, and the effect they have on their plants’ health, yield, and longevity.  

For those who experience a lot of issues with plants becoming rootbound or those who simply want to increase their yield, Smart Pots may offer a solution. Smart Pots are fabric planter pots designed for both individual and commercial use. These lightweight pots offer numerous advantages over their traditional counterparts. 

Air Pruning

The breathable fabric allows for air pruning, a technique that strengthens the roots by encouraging them to fan out rather than grow longer. When air comes in from a Smart Pot’s sides, the root tips stop extending and instead grow side-roots. These side-roots repeat the process so they also grow side-roots, and so on. Since there are more root tips, this root structure is more efficient—taking in more nutrients from a smaller area—and this leads to faster growth and a larger yield. This efficiency also makes for more efficient water consumption. Since air-pruned roots take in more water than longer roots, they lose less water through evaporation.

Moreover, air-pruned roots avoid a problem traditional root systems suffer from. As roots in a pot grow longer, they wrap around each other and curl in on themselves. This can lead to root strangulation and cause adverse health effects for the plant. Air pruning avoids this issue as the roots remain comparatively short. 

Other advantages of air pruning include a decreased risk of transplant shock, the ability to thrive in a container for longer, and increased resistance to extreme temperatures.


The high-quality geo-textile fabric of Smart Pots promotes healthier roots while providing perfect drainage. Since Smart Pots are made of fabric, they experience much better drainage than plastic and terra cotta pots. While water can pool at the bottom of traditional pots, the microscopic holes in Smart Pots’ material allow water to percolate out after the medium becomes saturated. This works for all types of media, though lighter mixes may drain faster than heavier ones.

Smart Pots also allow water to move from wetter to drier areas through capillary action. This allows for more even distribution of water, preventing the soil’s surface from drying out while soil closer to the bottom remains damp.

Though plants in Smart Pots may need to be watered more often, this is partly because the plants are taking in more water. Therefore, they are healthier and grow faster.


In addition to using water more efficiently, Smart Pots are made of a BPA-free, inert, porous material. This means there’s no significant chemical leakage into the environment. Smart Pots are also reusable, machine washable, and extremely durable. Their long lifespans ensure there’s little need to replace them, generating less waste.

Once they have reached the end of their lifespans, there are numerous ways to repurpose Smart Pots. Smart Pots’ fabric is recyclable and can be recycled alongside clothing and other fabrics. For a more inventive method of reuse, cut the fabric and place it around the bases of plants to help improve water retention in the soil and help protect the roots from extreme heat. Additionally, sprinkling the fabric with a powdered pesticide and placing the cut-outs around the base of plants is also an effective pest control method. They aren’t designed to biodegrade, so you can re-use the fabric again and again.


Smart Pots’ fabric pots are also ideal for hydroponic growing. Since hydroponics depend on a system where water does not remain stagnant, containers with proper drainage are extremely important. Smart Pots allow for adequate drainage and also help distribute the water throughout the medium. The fabric also ensures the medium stays inside the container, preventing issues with clogged hoses.

Moreover, Smart Pots allows roots to take up more space in the container through air pruning, therefore allowing plants to grow larger than they would in traditional hydroponic containers. These healthier, more efficient roots also help prevent issues with nutrient deficiency and are more resistant to temperature shock, making minor deviations from the ideal temperature less of an issue.

The aeration the fabric allows for also helps the soil resist mold and fungus while encouraging the growth of beneficial bacteria necessary for plants to thrive. Smart Pots’ benefits clearly offer solutions to some of the most common problems hydroponic farmers face.

Other Benefits

Since they’re made of lightweight fabric as opposed to ceramic or terra cotta, gardeners have an easier time rearranging and moving these pots. Not only is this convenient for adding more plants, but it also  makes light adjustment easier. When not in use, Smart Pots can be folded up for easier, more compact storage.

Smart Pots durable fabric also makes them less likely than ceramic or terra cotta pots to break when dropped, accidentally kicked, or pushed over. Additionally, their weatherproof design makes them less susceptible to wear-and-tear compared to plastic pots. 

When growing plants outside, Smart Pots can help prevent heat stress. While they encourage roots to grow in a way that makes them generally healthier and more resistant to overheating, Smart Pots also help keep roots cooler through more straightforward methods. First, the fabric doesn’t conduct heat as well as traditional pot materials, so it’s slower to grow hot. Since the cloth also allows water to seep out the sides, the water drained from the soil acts like sweat; it cools down the surface as it evaporates. The fabric also allows air to reach the roots and cool them off.

Additionally, this ability to let the soil breathe ensures the roots have enough oxygen to thrive. While leaves can produce their own oxygen, the roots don’t have the same capability. To survive, roots need to draw oxygen from the soil. Since Smart Pots allow air to pass through the pots’ sides, there’s no possibility of oxygen deficiency. This differs from plastic, ceramic, and terra cotta pots, which are not breathable and therefore do not allow oxygen to reach the roots.

Classic Smart Pots

The original Smart Pots design comes in a variety of sizes from one gallon to one thousand. 

Gallon Capacities 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 65, 100, 700, 900, 1000

    • The 7 gallon pots work well for herbs (such as basil, rosemary, and oregano), small alliums (like garlic and leeks), and many leafy vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach, and arugula). 
    • The 10 gallon pots are ideal for smaller fruit-bearing plants (such as peppers and strawberries), larger leafy greens (such as cabbage and broccoflower), and in-ground plants (such as radishes, beets, and carrots). 
    • The 15 gallon pots are great for plants such as cucumber, zucchini, potatoes, and eggplants. 
    • The 20 gallon pots are a good size for large vine fruits (such as pumpkin, watermelon, and winter squash), tomatoes, and some small trees.
  • The larger pot sizes are great for making multi-plant beds and growing larger plants.
  • Smart Pots with Handles

    For those who need to move their plants frequently, Smart Pots with handles are also available. Those with difficulty moving heavy objects often find the handled option convenient and especially easy to relocate.

    Gallon Capacities: 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25

    Raised Beds

    If you need Smart Pots for long rows of plants, the Smart Pot Big Bag Raised Bed Planter (also known as the Smart Pot Long Bed) is also available. This product requires no assembly — unlike traditional wooden planters — and provides all the other benefits of a Smart Pot. 

    Available Sizes

    • 50” x 12” - holds 13.7 cu ft
    • 6’ x 16” x 16” - holds 10.7 cu ft
    • 8’ x 16” x 16” - holds 14.2 cu ft
    • 12’ x 16” x 16” - holds 21.4 cu ft

    Hanging Planter

    For more compact planting, the Smart Pots Wall Flower is an excellent choice for vertical growing. The Wall Flower has grommets for easy placement on walls, fences, gates, patios, and et cetera.

    The Wall Flower has a volume of 3 gallons and its weatherproof design ensures it will last for years. 

    Compost Bag

    Many of the Smart Pot’s benefits and advantages would also assist in creating nutrient-rich compost. For This reason, there’s also the Smart Pot Compost Sak. The fabric allows for aeration and speeds up microbial activity. This microbial activity is especially important, as it allows for the breakdown of organic material while also heating up the compost. This heating also allows more organisms to thrive, repeating the cycle. 

    Additionally, the Compost Sak—just like Smart Pots—is easy to store, move, and reuse. The Compost Sak requires no assembly, giving it an advantage over many traditional composting containers.

    Though the Compost Sak can hold up to 117 gallons, it’s recommended users only fill it to approximately 100 gallons maximum. For convenience, most users fill it approximately halfway before emptying and reusing the bag.


    The Smart Pot Transplanter is a Smart Pot designed with an overlapping flap. This flap allows for the easy and painless extraction of a plant without tipping the pot or pulling on the stems, therefore removing the risk of shock or stress. The flap’s design also ensures soil will remain inside the pot without leaking.

    It comes in 1- and 2-gallon sizes.

    Tray Liner

    For those growing in trays, the benefits of Smart Pots are still available with the Smart Pots Tray Liner. The Smart Pots Tray Liners also have the added benefit of in-ground pest control, since the cloth discourages animals like moles and gophers from digging into the beds.

    The Tray Liner comes in 4’ x 8’ x 12”.

    In Summary

    Smart Pots’ line of lightweight fabric pots is great for anyone who wishes to increase their plants’ yields. The breathable fabric makes air pruning possible, allowing the roots to grow in a manner less prone to becoming rootbound, and more efficient for water and nutrient intake. 

    Plants grown in Smart Pots are also resistant to temperature stress, not only because they’re generally healthier, but also because the pots themselves are less heat-conductive and allow for moisture-wicking to keep the soil cool. Moreover, Smart Pots not only allow for excellent drainage, but they have the ability to help water distribute evenly throughout the medium. These two factors help prevent root rot and allow for more efficient water use. 

    These qualities make Smart Pots ideal for hydroponic growing, as they offer ways of dealing with numerous common issues. The fabric allows for water flow without the medium escaping the container to clog hoses, while the air-pruned roots are more efficient at taking in water and nutrients. The aeration also helps prevent mold and fungus growth while promoting healthy bacteria.

    In addition to helping the plants in numerous ways, Smart Pots also have numerous convenient traits for the user’s benefit. Smart Pots are easy to store (as they fold up when not in use), made of a durable and high-quality fabric, reusable, and machine-washable. The lightweight fabric makes them easier to move if one needs to rearrange their garden or readjust for light. 

    Smart Pots are also better for the environment than plastic pots. Since they’re BPA-free, they have no risk of chemicals leaching into the surrounding area. The reusability, recyclability, and long lifespans also mean they generate less waste.

    Numerous sizes also mean there’s a Smart Pot for every variety of plant. Smart Pots also have several helpful models alongside their traditional pots: pots with handles, wall-hanging planters, compost bags, transplant pots, and tray liners. These products grant all the benefits of Smart Pots with added convenience and utility.

    With numerous advantages over their traditional counterparts, it’s important for growers to think about how Smart Pots can help them improve their plants’ yield and quality. To improve plants’ health, efficiency, and growing speed, consider the Smart Pots’ line of products.

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