New Product Alert: Quest Dehumidifiers and the New Quest IQ Commercial Series  


New Product Alert: Quest Dehumidifiers and the New Quest IQ Commercial Series  

Everyone knows that the quality of your equipment has a direct effect on both the quality and yield of your crops as well as your resulting profits. These new product offerings, including the Quest 506 Dehumidifier, Quest 165 Pint Dehumidifier, and the new Quest IQ Commercial Series, should be at the top of your considerations if you’re looking to improve the yield of your commercial growing business. 


Commercial Dehumidifiers: Why They’re Important for Your Growing Operation?

Every experienced grower is familiar with the importance of having a dehumidifier. However, very few of them understand why they need to have a grow room dehumidifier that has been specifically designed to increase both the quality and quantity of their yield. 

If your grow room is lacking the proper dehumidification equipment, your crops will ultimately suffer. If you’ve been simply sticking a home dehumidifier - or even worse, a variety of portable units - into your grow room, you should expect your crops to never reach their full potential. Those units were not designed to handle and effectively dehumidify a large room of plants. They were built to dehumidify a room full of people. While it may seem like a small difference, the impact that it has on your crops is unmistakable.

Long story short, moisture matters. 

However, if you’re looking for an explanation on the big difference between the average dehumidifier and one that was specifically created to benefit your valuable crops, we’re happy to explain. 

By regulating our body temperature, human beings add approximately ten pounds of water into the air every single day. Likewise, a plant, on average, will add approximately eight pounds of water to the air every single day. 

When someone builds a dehumidifier for your home, it’s built to keep up with however many people are living inside the home. Factoring in different elements such as dishwashers and daily hot showers, you’re looking to remove about 100 pounds of water from your house each day. And that’s for a large home filled with 5-7 people. 

If your commercialized grow house is filled with up to 100 plants, each of which are dispersing eight pounds of water into the air each day, you’re looking at having to remove 800 pounds of water from your facility every single day. A home dehumidifier or a portable unit will never be able to effectively handle that type of workload. 

It’s also important to recognize that home dehumidifiers and portable units are designed to remove moisture at typical household temperatures. They won’t be able to work efficiently at the low, fall-like temperatures that plants typically require to produce a flower.

As a result, the current dehumidifier in your grow house has been running constantly in order to maintain a balanced environment. As it’s running under thermal conditions that these home dehumidifiers simply can’t handle, it’s also facing the heavy workload of a thriving grow house filled with dozens of moisture-producing crops. 

With these factors in mind, it’s easy to recognize the importance of investing in a dehumidifier that’s ready to work for you. An efficient grow room dehumidifier will help cultivators like yourself maximize your yield and your profits.

The Quest 506 Dehumidifier 

The Quest 506 Dehumidifier is the most effective and high capacity commercial dehumidifier on the market. Just like all Quest products, the Quest 506 is manufactured in the USA using the best quality of the components and materials that are currently available. Designed with growers in mind, Quest 506 is powered by patented coil technology that cannot be found anywhere else on the market. As a result, the Quest 506 is able to work consistently and constantly to optimize your grow environment and the yield of your crops with maximum energy efficiency and flexibility. 

The Quest 506 includes the following features and specifications:

  • 506 pints per day at 80F
  • Can be hard-wired with ductable intake and dual exhaust kits
  • 60% RH (506 pints/ 239 liters/ 63.3 gallons)
  • Efficiency of 8.1 pints/KWH with a 10’ cord length plugged into a 230V outlet
  • 5-Year Warranty available
  • Integrated Handles
  • Patent- Pending coil technology exclusive to Quest products
  • Low voltage terminal block for external controls
  • Requires a buck/boost transformer in order to run on 208V/277V
  • Height: 33.8” (73.4 CM); Width: 28.9” (85.9 CM);  Length: 44.7” (113.5 CM)
  • Weighs 275 LBS (125 KGS)

 As the industry’s first 500 pint, 230 V commercial dehumidifier, Quest 506 was designed for the specific needs that come with commercial growing. The dehumidifier is able to be placed at ground level or it can be hung overhead and out of the way for immediate operation. Quest 506 uses minimal Amps (11) and maximum efficiency (8.1 pints/ kWh) to operate as both the most energy-efficient and high-capacity dehumidifier on the market today.

The Quest 506 Dehumidifier comes with optional condensate pump and ducting kits in order to provide maximum flexibility so it can accomadate challenging space restrictions and specialized operations alike. A MERV-11 filtration system comes standard on every unit, capturing particles and mold spores as small as 1 micron in size. 

An additional Humidistat is required. The DEG 300R Wall Mounted Unit #700833 is recommended. 

Warranty information:

  • 1 year for parts and labor
  • 5 years for the compressor and refrigerant system

Quest Dual 165 Overhead Dehumidifier

Operating at just 3.6 amps, the Quest Dual 165 is recognized as one of the most energy-efficient commercial dehumidifiers available. Because of this, the unit is capable of saving you thousands in energy costs each year despite removing an impressive 165 pints of water from the air each day. The Quest Dual 165 is manufactured in the USA with the best quality of materials and components available on the market today. The commercial dehumidifier was designed with flexibility in mind as it can be operated when hung overhead. 

What a Compressor Wall Can Do for Your Grow Room?

Compressor Wall technology has set new standards for the grower industry in terms of performance, reliability, size, weight, flexibility, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness. It takes an incomparable innovation to provide growers with the ability to keep up with their demands without compromising their valuable crops. 

The ground-breaking (and patent-pending!) Compressor Wall technology has taken a modular, scalable, and useful approach to dehumidification. By utilizing multiple small compressor modules, the Compressor Wall is able to heat and cool by providing the unitary solution that you’ve been searching for. This innovation offers the ultimate solution for growers by outperforming every other large capacity product on the market.

Combined with the Dry Cooler heat exchange system, growers will see reliable, energy efficient, and flexible results when using the ultimate HVAC solution.

The security that comes with 6 individual compressor modules arranged to provide reliable and failure-proof performance is unmatched by anything in the industry.

Each compressor provides 2 stages of performance which offers 12 levels of scalable capacity and maximum efficiency. As a result, the savings and security that comes with a small refrigerant charge is only 10% of what comes with traditional equipment. Our HVAC solution has completely eliminated the need for expensive refrigerant recharging.

Enjoy the convenience and confidence that comes with using an inexpensive and eco-friendly replacement of individual compressor modules with no down time. Our water-glycol heat exchange technology promises growers the ability to consistently prevent the expensive cold-weather issues that come with the use of traditional AC heat rejection.

And if you aren’t convinced to make the switch already, the new HVAC solution is 50% the size and weight of typical and traditional capacity equipment. 

Quest Compressor Wall 

The Quest Compressor Wall technology was designed from the ground up with the sole needs of indoor grow rooms in mind. Offering dehumidification that comes from utilizing multiple small compressor modules, the Quest Wall Compressor has set an entirely new set of standards for the industry. 

Quest Dry Coolers

Quest is offering a solution to the most expensive problem for growers: a flexible, scalable, energy-efficient heat rejection system. Making simple, low-cost installation a priority, the custom-designed Dry Cooler technology offers a new unitary design and  is the ultimate solution for growers everywhere. 

Quest Evolution Series


Looking to fulfill the needs of even the most critical grow rooms, the Quest Evolution Series offers a wide range of sizes to provide flexibility for your space, energy efficiency, and cost effective solutions to growers everywhere. 

Your grow room deserves a solution that is incomparable to other offerings on the market. The Quest Evolution Series provides stable, scalable performance while offering more capacity in a smaller footprint. 

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