GRODAN Grow Cubes


GRODAN Grow Cubes

Both commercial and private growers experience unique challenges when it comes to properly cultivating produce and ensuring that crops have even saturation and nutrient administration. In many situations, growers tend to overcompensate in order to cover for plant losses and uneven yields by using more water than necessary, taking up more land space, and using more fertilizer.

Fortunately, Grodan Grow Cubes are an applicable solution to introduce to growing supplies being that they are designed to support several plant types, growing situations, and budgetary needs. 

By utilizing Grow Cubes to cover horticultural needs brought on by uneven watering, subpar nutrient distribution, and high energy costs, growers can effectively produce a greater yield of high-quality products while using fewer resources than what was possible in the recent past.

What Are Grodan Grow Cubes?

Grodan Grow Cubes are composed of rock that has been heated to its melting point, spun into thin fibers, then pressed into different sized cubes once the material has cooled. Because of this formation, Grodan Grow Cubes are a great advantage when it comes to ensuring plants have significant aeration and efficient drainage. This way, oxygen is able to penetrate the soil and overwatering is nearly impossible. 

These cubes are lightweight and easier to maintain than other types of planting media, including mosses and peat-based media. As well as of being easy to maintain and water, Grodan Grow Cubes are easy to mix with other potting soils.

In addition to the conveniences introduced by the composition of Grow Cubes, growers can also take comfort in knowing that Grow Cubes, on top of regulating water and oxygen, do a good job at absorbing nutrient mixtures introduced into irrigation systems or other plant food items. 

By using several Grodan Grow Cubes in a pot, growers can create organic air pockets in their planters, as well as preventing root rot by ensuring that the cubes do not retain any more water than what’s necessary for healthy plants. 

They’re lightweight, versatile, and can greatly improve oxygen circulation, water circulation, and nutrient absorption in a wide array of plants. By retaining the right amount of oxygen and water, Grodan Grow Cubes can encourage rapid growth in all plant types.

Grodan and Vertical Farming

In an effort to maintain more sustainable farming practices, vertical farms are increasing in popularity. For many reasons, vertical farms are the answer to many of the issues that have developed with traditional farming practices. For one, traditional farming required so much open space while vertical farms move upward instead of outward. For this reason, they are becoming more and more reasonable to introduce to heavily populated areas where, at one time, there was no real room for agriculture. 

In short, vertical farms can grow a significant number of crops without taking up too much land, because growers position their crops in towers that reach toward the sky. Now, instead of needing a massive spread of land and several growing houses for a single farm, a grower can move everything into a single warehouse and still produce a reasonable supply of crops. 

In addition to the space-saving capabilities of vertical farms, growers who are in charge of these establishments tend to produce plants that take up less space when growing and have a shorter growing cycle than many other crops. Take lettuce, herbs, and other leafy greens for example. By planting and growing these items in vertical farms, growers are saving land space as well as quickly producing food. This way, once the crop has been produced, it can be harvested and a brand-new plant can take its place. 

Products and Growing Solutions

In an effort to make sustainable farming a reality for all sorts of growers, Grodan Grow Cubes and Grodan Pargro Quick Drain come in an array of substrate types that are ideal for several sorts of plants. While vegetable-appropriate cubes are typically the center of Grodan’s catalog, there is also an impressive selection of products for floriculture and propagation. With this variety of Grow Cubes available, growers can give their produce the best possible chance no matter the life stage or plant type.

Examine the variety of Grodan Grow Cube specialties to determine which features will best suit the needs of specific plant types.


Grodan carries a wide variety of substrate slabs that are ideal for growing vegetables, especially tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and eggplants. Because produce growth is not a standardized practice, it’s important for growers to have supplies that are designed for their specific plant type. Because Grodan has adapted its Grow Cube substrates to fit a selection of purposes, the vegetable-specific cubes and slabs are sure to improve cultivation and produce yield.

Each product serves a specific purpose and has been tested and developed to fit the specific need of its design.

  • Grodan GT Expert: Ideal for vegetative initial development. In addition, this product is exceptionally firm and can be used for several crops within a year.
  • Grodan GT Master: A single-year, hydrophilic dual-layer slab with high fiber density. The solid upper and airy lower slabs are ideal for irrigation efficiency and uniform crop development.
  • Grodan GT Master Dry: Great for plants with weak root systems, this densely upper-layered slab can make it easier for growers to control growth through water management.
  • Grodan Prestige: Optimal for crop balance, this single-year, vertical fiber slab enables incredibly fast rooting soon after planting for quick, stable production.
  • Grodan Classic MY: This multi-season slab type is best for vegetable growers with a demanding growth schedule who aim to get the most out of their production.
  • Grodan Vital: Ideal for tomatoes and sweet peppers, this slab type provides great water distribution with its vertical, hydrophilic fibrous structure.
  • Propagation

    Ensuring optimal growth for young plants is perhaps the most important part of cultivating a superior product. Because seedlings are delicate as they begin growth, it’s crucial to have a substrate that is going to allow uniform oxygen and water retention. If a young crop develops poorly, the end result is always going to be subpar. For this reason, growers strive to start cultivating correctly from the beginning.

    Growth factors that greatly impact end results are lighting choices (grow lights or natural lights), climate, plant size, and irrigation.

    Plant propagators help determine how crops start out based on these factors and fortunately, by using Grow Cubes, growers can gain ultimate control over early plant development by choosing the right sort of block and ensuring even water and oxygen absorption.

    Grodan offers several block sizes and types (including plugs) that will help growers yield well-developed plants under all manners of cultivation conditions.

  • Grodan Plantop: Great for compact plant mass and strong flower development, encourages even root development
  • Grodan Plantop Dry: Develops high dry matter content, encourages complete and branched rooting, produces firm and maximum leaf area 
  • Grodan Delta: Encourages healthy root growth throughout the block and greater firmness for frequently-handled plant sturdiness
      • Grodan Hugo: Fosters crop uniformity, even watering and electric conductivity throughout the block, and the optimal drainage system encourages healthy, strong root growth
  • Grodan Plantop Plug: Beginner plugs that have uniform density, firmness, and structural soundness. Benefits germination and improves even distribution of water, nutrients, and pH
  • Grodan Pro Plug: Reduces young plant loss by up to 20% and allows for efficient water use as well as water recirculation
  • Floriculture

    Any horticulturist involved in floriculture knows that growing florae is not the same as growing vegetables. While both require the right supplies and discipline, flowers can be quite challenging to grow correctly, especially during parts of the year that are out of season. Because of this, Grodan has developed a crop-specific substrate that is appropriate for floriculture. Like the vegetable-appropriate substrates, the substrates designed with florae in mind are lightweight, high-quality, and versatile. However, these specific substrates are characterized as having superb perennial cultivation properties. 

    For growers who specialize in roses and gerbera, Grodan Grow Cubes are a must when it comes to producing flowers of the highest yield and best quality possible.

  • Grodan Vitaflor: Fast replenishment, encourages water sustainability, and creates easy irrigation for rapid drainage
  • Grodan Plantop Rosa: Fast rooting and strong root distribution, provides outstanding water and nutrient distribution, ideal for rose growers
  • Grodan Grofit: Useful across all seasons, provides easy harvesting, fosters quick and strong root development, simplifies water and nutrient sustainability
  • Grodan Grocube: Porous and dry substrate-type, fast root development, and optimal use of substrate volume
  • Grow Cubes and Sustainability

    Grodan aims to supply sustainable growing solutions for both professional produce growers and private gardeners so that healthy food is readily available and accessible to people all over the world. Along with the desire to generate higher yields, Grodan is also dedicated to doing so while using fewer natural resources and doing less harm to the planet than other agricultural practices.

    For nearly 50 years, Grodan’s team has created ideal environments for plant rooting so that even beginning plants have the best chance at survival. By striving toward sustainable practices, the goal to make produce that has been harvested in an environmentally-friendly manner accessible to communities all over the planet is more possible than ever before. 

    By providing the ability to continue farming and harvesting healthy food for as many communities as possible through the application of future-proof horticulture, Grodan is making strides to continue developing sustainable agricultural practices for generations to come. 

    Precision Growing

    Grodan Grow Cubes are designed for precision growing, which refers to the methods used to provide growing plants with everything they need for an ideal growing environment. The aim is to produce more high-quality crops while using fewer resources, and by extension, providing food for communities without sacrificing the health of the planet.

    By creating substrates that allow growers to provide water and nutrients more precisely, plant yields are increased due to fostering maximum growth and preventing as much plant loss as possible. 

    In addition, efficient watering and nutrient provision has allowed for better water conservation and more efficient use of fertilizers. This makes it easier to cut costs for energy and water use as well as nutritious plant fertilizers.

    Pairing Production and Efficiency

    By using precision growing to aid plant production, professional growers are better able to control the critical aspects of plant care. In order to encourage ideal growing environments, Grodan’s stone wool Grow Cubes are designed to help with strong root development, even water distribution and drainage, and optimal nutrient absorption. 

    Because Grodan is making vertical and other sustainable farming types possible for a wide variety of growers, the company has established itself as the number one provider of media solutions for the entire industry. 

    There are countries all over the world that, due to high populations and limited landmass, struggle to keep up with the demand for food production, which will only increase as time goes on. 

    With Grodan Grow Cubes, urban areas can become food-rich locations where underused or unused buildings and lots can be repurposed to produce food. Even mills, factories, and old warehouses can go from being practically abandoned to highly useful to the community. By increasing the food supply in a given area with careful space-saving resources, communities can save money and effort that would otherwise be aimed at supporting environmentally dangerous growing, harvesting, and transportation practices.

    Thanks to the continuous work toward developing safe growing practices even in areas with very little farmland, Grodan has greatly improved the access that many areas now have to sustainable farming. As the company continues to produce Grow Cubes that fit an array of growing needs, farming will continue to become both more sustainable and more efficient.

    The population of the world is expected to reach more than 9 billion people within the next thirty years and by implementing environmentally-friendly growing practices, professional growing companies may not only keep up with the food demand but help turn back the clock on climate change, pollution, and other factors that negatively impact the planet. 

    Making healthy food accessible to communities worldwide can help greatly reduce the prevalence of ‘food deserts’ by fighting hunger and increasing the livability factors in areas that were once thought to be unfit for agriculture.

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