Featuring Agron x Power Si Monosilicic Acid for Plants


Featuring Agron x Power Si Monosilicic Acid for Plants

Power Si Product Line

After establishing themselves as a brand that was created by growers, for growers, Power Si brings the original patented formula of monosilicic acid for plants to the industry. Offering highly-potent products, Power Si has consistently proven to improve the yield, strength, and lateral branching of your valuable crops. 

Power Si products are safe to leave inside your reservoir without creating any undesirable residue as they’re tank-stable and will not raise the pH levels of your water. By focusing on quality over quantity when developing their products, Power Si is able to slow down vertical growth in crops with a simple double dosage change to 1 mL per each gallon of water. After incorporating Power Si into your growing routine, any nutrient deficiencies or environmental stress that your plants have been suffering from will be corrected. Time is one of the most important aspects to preserve within a successful growth cycle which is why Power Si is specially formulated for your crop’s immediate absorption and utilization, providing you with fast, visible results within a short period of time. 

About Power Si

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Because of this, there are large amounts of silicon in most soils. Power Si products naturally encourage higher growth rates and larger yields and have been proved to be very effective against biotic stresses such as bacteria and fungi as well. 

While silicon hasn’t been considered an essential plant nutrient, developing research suggests the important benefits it adds to plants and establishes its role as a biostimulant. The patented silicic acid matrix developed by Power Si was created to promote resistance against pests and pathogens while increasing the growth and stress tolerance of plants. 

By centering clean plant nutrition within their company, Power Si is committed to providing the cleanest, most bioavailable nutrient solutions possible. Every product offered by Power Si has stood against stringent testing before hitting the market. By creating products that are specifically designed to solely improve the health of your valuable crops, Power Si doesn’t compromise on the quality of your water table or the environment. 

Power Si Products

Power Si Original 

Power Si Original works to enable superior absorption by taking advantage of a patented silicic acid matrix. Power Si Original is a monosilicic acid that contains highly bioavailable micro and macro nutrients. The highly potent formula has been proven to deliver fast results to your valuable crops. 

By reducing nutrient salt build-up, Power Si Original protects against the dehydration of your crops. Power Si Original creates stronger plants and thicker stems by building stronger cell walls that work to decrease any vulnerabilities to various diseases, pests, and pathogens. 

Things to consider when using Power Si Original:

  • When looking to slow vertical growth, use 6ML per 5 gallons of water.
  • When looking to repair your crops, use 2ML per liter or 8ML per gallon.
  • For general maintenance, use 1ML per liter or 4ML per gallon.


Power Si Granular 

Power Si Granular is suitable for perennial crops and container gardening. The product includes OSA along with other proprietary ingredients that work to release nutrients that were once inaccessible within the soil to help promote stronger, healthier crops.

Power Si Granular is a highly concentrated silicic acid product that encourages accelerated seedling and root growth. Unlike naturally-generated silicic acid that polymerizes readily in soil and is only available to plants for a short period of time, Power Si Granular provides a stable matrix to keep silicic acid in its most active state and remains available to plants for up to 30 days after application. 

Power Si Bloom

Containing bioavailable silica, Power Si Bloom is a specialized additive that was created to enhance the quality of your crop’s flowers. After incorporating Power Si Bloom into their growing routine, growers can expect to see increased bud sites and a decreased internodal spacing on their valuable crops. By increasing the production of trichome, terpene, and resin within their plants, professional growers can enjoy faster, more homogeneous ripening as a result. 

For heavy feeding strains, Power Si Bloom can be used at 2ML per gallon.

The History of Power Si

Power Si was created by growers, for growers. The foundation of the company consists of a passion for cultivating the best crops and a rejection of simply selling other growers on their marketing tactics. Power Si is centered around the commitment to never make products that they wouldn’t use in their own gardens and stand by their high standards by taking years to develop, test, and perfect their product line. As a result, all of the Power Si products are clean, bioavailable, and are fortified with silicic acid, one of the building blocks to growing superior crops. 

Silicon is often considered as a limitation for creating optimal crop yields. However, recent research has confirmed that monosilicic acid, or the small portion of the total silicon content that’s absorbed by the root system, is vital for a plant’s growth, strength, and resistance. Under certain conditions, some crops, such as rice, sugar cane, and wheat, may even absorb more silicon than any other nutrient from the soil. 

What to Know About Silicic Acid

Silicic acid is known to increase the growth of cells, leading to the rapid development of roots, stems, and shoots. When growers apply silicon, they can expect to see their plants grow taller and have thicker stems. As a result, their larger and stronger plants will produce higher yields. Silicon also encourages more lateral branching, which leads to taller and bushier plants. 

Applying silicic acid to your plants will help to protect your crops against harmful fungi. By stimulating plant defenses, your crops are able to better recognize diseases and develop their resistance levels. Just like silicon helps plants fight off fungal and bacterial pathogens, it also stimulates plant defenses that protect against insect pests. Silicic acid also increases the production of plant stress hormones such as jasmonic acid and abscisic acid. These hormones help plants to better respond to stress caused by pathogens. Some studies have shown that silicic acid can decrease the need for pesticide applications by 50% or more. 

When you apply silicon  to plants, it becomes a part of their cell walls, leading to an increase in the strength and rigidity of them. Stronger cell walls allow plants to experience less damage and have a lower risk of breaking their stems. Stronger cell walls specifically benefit plants being grown indoors as they protect against both abiotic and biotic stressors. 

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