Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System


Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System

For growers, farmers, and business professionals who need to rely on perfect chemical combinations, past irrigation utilities made it difficult to ensure that the proper chemical admixture was being pushed through watering lines. If water pressure or flow changed during the watering process, it could easily result in uneven nutrient or chemical distribution. 

Fortunately, the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System has created an affordable, endurant solution to these issues. With this space-saving nutrient mixing system, users can be absolutely certain that they’re getting the desired chemical mixture each time they use the Dosatron system. 

What is the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System?

The Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System is a solution for automated nutrient injection needs. It’s made up of a series of components including a Dosatron pump and four kits (starter kit, mixing chamber kit, monitor kit, and water hammer arrestor kit). 

The starter kit is where the admixing journey begins, and this part of the system pulls water into it so that it can then be sent into the mixing chamber. The mixing chamber is where ordinary water is infused with up to eight different nutrients, additives, or other chemicals.

From there, the admixture is sent into the monitoring chamber, where the correct mixture amounts are displayed on the monitor so that users can be confident that they’re using the appropriate mixture of chemicals to suit their watering or chemical-dispensing needs. The dosing components of the Dosatron system can even be turned on or off individually so that users can choose to include or bypass certain chemicals or nutrients depending on individual watering requirements.

To avoid sudden surges in water pressure due to the way the water changes direction as it’s pushed through the different chambers of the system, the system comes with an effective water hammer arrestor kit. Because sudden surges in water pressure can damage equipment or tamper with a watering system’s chemical admixture, the water hammer arrestor kit is pivotal when it comes to making sure the system stays in perfect working order. 

By employing this water-powered piece of machinery, nutrients or other chemicals can be suctioned into a tank before injecting them into water lines with utmost accuracy in concentration.

In addition to the highly-accurate nutrient mixtures, the Dosatron system has been shown to improve plant yields by up to 40% and reduce equipment maintenance needs, energy costs, and chemical waste production.

Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Applications

The Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System can be utilized in a number of different industries to serve a variety of functions. Because the system is customizable, it’s ideal for companies of various sizes, including small, privately owned farms. Take a look at the applications in which the Dosatron system is already showing great promise.

Animal Health

Agricultural businesses can utilize the Dosatron system to keep livestock healthy by using the system as a medication injector. Because medicating animals’ drinking water is far quicker and easier than individually medicating them, agricultural businesses can save time and effort by relying on Dosatron for the welfare of their livestock.

The system is not a one size fits all sort of machine, as it comes in a variety of designs and sizes fit for almost any livestock operation, from sanitizing animal housing to pumping vitamins into drinking water to washing eggs. A variety of needs can be met with this easily installed system, and on top of that, maintenance is a breeze. Dosatron is highly-versatile and can make daily livestock care fast and simple.

Food Sanitization

For restaurants or food processing plants, the Dosatron system can take the hassle out of the chemical dispensing needed for sanitation purposes. Because it’s crucial to aim for the highest level of cleanliness when it comes to handling food, Dosatron is an invaluable choice due to its sanitation capabilities. 

The system is adjustable and chemical compositions can be altered to fit exact sanitation needs and eliminate chemical waste, which can save food processing companies money on both sanitation chemicals and energy use (Dosatron is non-electric).

Additionally, the system can accurately gauge water pressures and adjust chemical dispensing in accordance with water flow. This means that the dilution rate stays uniform unless it’s manually adjusted, so no matter how high or low water pressure and flow may be, the dilution system works perfectly.


For planting and other irrigation systems, Dosatron is versatile and can dispense the correct amount of chemical nutrition to any size of growing area. While there are a variety of main-machine options, Dosatron also offers a portable 15-gallon cart option that allows growers the freedom to take the system to the hardest to reach places. Growers can choose to inject one nutrient or many, depending on their individual irrigation needs. 

The system is ideal for urban gardening, stacked farming, indoor farming, aquaponics, and more. With the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System, growers can expect the healthiest, most beautiful crop they’ve ever had.

Some key components of what makes such nutrient delivery possible are the drip irrigation feature, 3-part A/B/C tank solution, portable fertilizer injectors, and high water flow capability.

Metal Processing

Because metal processing is such a precise practice, the Dosatron system is proving to be an invaluable addition to metal processing plants. Processing fluids can be released in perfect ratios using the system’s volumetric proportioning. By using a carefully controlled system, much less waste is produced and energy requirements are reduced as well. 

In addition to helping metal processing businesses reduce costs for energy and chemicals, the system markets itself as a low-maintenance piece of machinery that will reduce labor hours spent maintaining or repairing any one of the working parts. In fact, the Dosatron system is so well-designed that thus far, it has saved users up to $100,000 during a working year compared with the costs associated with previous systems.

Nutrient Delivery

When it comes to nutrient delivery, Dosatron is one of the most customizable systems on the market, with four main panel sections that can accommodate a selection of different fertigation programs. It can work in any environment, from greenhouses to large outdoor areas. Perhaps one of the best features is the automation capability. By automating the Dosatron system, users can rely on accurate, timely dispensing of any solution they choose.

In addition, the accuracy of the dilution system makes measuring and pouring a thing of the past. Dosatron’s injectors make it to where there is no more guesswork involved and business owners can easily create a multi-chemical mixture that dispenses in accurate proportions every time. This water-powered system not only prevents chemical waste, but due to the water-powered nature of their operation, they greatly reduce energy needs.


In the past, printing professionals frequently had to expend needless labor hours and chemical waste in order to come up with accurate chemical mixtures. However, because Dosatron machines operate on a volumetric principle, they are able to continuously deliver consistent chemical mixtures no matter the given water pressure or flow. This allows professional printers to mix appropriately without wasting time, labor, and chemicals.

On top of being highly-reliable, Dosatron systems are easy to install, maintain, and utilize for the most efficient printing business practices imaginable. 

Vehicle Care

In terms of car washing, Dosatron systems can inject the desired cleaning mixtures and ensure the best possible results when it comes to producing clean vehicles at the lowest cost. The injectors and machinery are easy to maintain and as such, cleaning service owners can spend more time providing the best possible service and less time worrying about washing equipment.

Dosatron systems are designed with space and utility in mind, being that they can free up an equipment room due to their lack of stock tank and air pump needs. In addition, the system’s composition helps eliminate chemical leaks and save money on resources.

Installation is simple and straightforward, and on top of that, the system allows users to finely-tune their chemical dilutions so that perfection is constantly attainable. 

With carbon footprints in mind, using the Dosatron system for vehicle service companies is a no-brainer. Dosatron is water-powered rather than using electricity, and with the ability to mix chemicals perfectly, there is far less chemical waste produced in comparison with other industrial machinery.

Water Treatment

Dosatron’s water treatment capabilities are extensive. With their water-powered chemical dosing pumps, they reduce users’ electric energy needs and help keep water pressures consistent at the same time. It’s easy to adjust the water pressure or change chemical dosages, and to add to the benefits, Dosatron’s system is the only water-powered chemical doser that’s NSF-certified.

Water treatment capabilities include but are not limited to water potabilization, purification of residential drinking water, community water treatment, water disinfection, groundwater remediation, odor control, water chlorination, and wastewater treatment.

Dosatron pumps are durable, versatile, and easy to maintain. This means that businesses can benefit from increased reliability and reduced labor and/or maintenance costs. 

How Does the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Work?

Dosatron is a water-powered chemical injector that does not rely on electricity in order to deliver the most reliable, accurate chemical injection into water lines. By using volumetric proportioning, Dosatron ensures that chemical mixtures will remain constant whether there are variations in water pressure or flow. As evidence of this assurance, the system comes with a monitoring chamber that measures and displays the chemical contents of the water that comes through it.

The mixing and dispensing process is simple. Once water enters the injector, the hydraulic motor is triggered and it begins moving up and down inside the injector. At the height of a stroke, the Dosatron pulls fluid in from the concentrate tank. At the bottom of a stroke, the concentrate is sent into the mixing chamber, where it is then discharged into the water lines. 

In five simple steps, the Dosatron system is able to produce water with the perfect mixture of chemicals. 

  • Water flow enters the injector.
  • Water enters the Dosatron and triggers the motor.
  • Concentrate is pulled into the injector.
  • The concentrate and water mix together.
  • The new solution is pushed into the water line.

  • Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System Components

    The Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System is a fairly simple mechanical apparatus, and as such, it’s relatively simple to install, maintain, and adjust. They’re long-lasting systems, being that any parts that wear out or become damaged can be replaced without having to invest in intensive repairs or purchase a new system. Some of the customizable working parts of the system are as follows:

  • Injectors: Injectors are the mechanical component of the Dosatron system that’s responsible for injecting chemicals or chemical mixtures into water lines using volumetric proportioning.
  • Megaflo: The Megaflo Series of watering solutions is ideal for multiple nutrient or chemical combinations and can be used in a wide variety of applications, from hemp fields to large farms.
  • Micro-Dosers: Microdosing products can adjust their dispensing amount with every stroke. They’re best used for microdosing highly-concentrated nutrients into a fertigation system.
  • Carts: Dosatron carts are the system’s answer to portability needs. With multiple tank sizes, users can bring their Dosatron systems practically anywhere.
  • Venturi: Often used to pump fertilizers into water lines, the Venturi injector is another component that makes Dosatron such an accurate, reliable system. 
  • Accessories/Maintenance: Though the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System is reliable and long-lasting, there are several small components available when something needs replacing, including hoses, injectors, maintenance kits, seals, carts, locks, nozzles, mixing chambers, and flow restrictors.

  • Because production and quality needs have increased over time, so too should the ability to account for these needs. With the Dosatron Nutrient Delivery System, farmers, growers, vehicle maintenance businesses, professional printers, and food service workers can ensure the best possible chemical admixtures to fit their business’s needs. By creating the perfect blend every time and doing so with the help of a space-saving, energy reducing, waste preventing system can only benefit the user and improve productivity. 

    Dosatron systems are highly-customizable and they can be used for a wide array of applications, no matter what industry they’re being used in.

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