Croptober is Here


Croptober is Here

Harvesting season is upon us, which can mean different things for bhang farmers and dispensary customers. On one end, the work that has been put into the growing season is paying off and crops are just about ready to be harvested. As such, there’s more work to be done when it comes to the steps included in the harvesting process. From plucking bhang flowers from their plants to delivering them to the retail market, there’s still plenty of work to be done. 

Fortunately, the right harvesting equipment can make a world of difference and help growers distribute the highest quality product possible. By implementing superior products into the harvesting process, growers can better embrace the spirit of Croptober rather than making the distribution preparations more difficult and time-consuming than necessary.

What is Croptober?

Croptober is the name that’s been colorfully attached to the harvesting season for most outdoor bhang growers. Most bhang that’s cultivated throughout the spring season is harvested during the month of October.

Throughout October, sometimes continuing into the first weeks of November, bhang growers harvest between 80-85% of the strains they’ve spent the past four months maintaining. There are, however, a few strains that flower earlier in the month of September or later in the cooler part of November.

When the time is right, outdoor bhang cultivators invest most of their autumn season in cutting, drying, trimming, curing, and otherwise preparing their harvest. From there, the product is packaged and shipped to dispensaries, usually at a seasonal discount. For this reason, Croptober is not only an optimal harvesting time but a beneficial season for budget-minded consumers.

Croptober Cultivation

While Croptober is an important seasonal event, the true benefit of the season is heavily reliant on the way that the crop is being maintained and the growth setup is being used. With an optimal growth scenario in mind, outdoor growers can take pride in the fact that all the hard work they’ve done throughout the growing season has come to fruition. 

However, because so much product is typically reaching dispensaries all at once when outdoor crops become available, the price of bhang tends to drop. On a per-pound basis, it could fall up to $500 away from the going price during the rest of the year. For outdoor growers who have produced an impressive supply, the price drop and sheer quantity of harvest tend to even out quite well. For indoor growers who do not have as much yield as outdoor growers, Croptober can be a difficult season.

Though indoor growers have to deal with the market price of bhang dropping by hundreds of dollars, despite the smaller yield of crop they’ve produced, indoor growers do have a couple of advantages that outdoor growers don’t. Indoor setups do not have to factor damp weather into the growing cycle. By having a structure covering their crop, storms are not going to cause their product to mold from rain, or be torn apart by high winds.

In recent years, though, indoor and outdoor growers are able to balance out their flow of products throughout the year to avoid the harsh impact of Croptober’s market price changes. Years ago, the price drop was a significant challenge to overcome, but thanks to the way that balancing product flow has kept the market a bit more stable, growers of both sorts can expect a decent profit.

Partly due to the fact that bhang cultivation has become more diverse across the market, the harvesting season is not so heavily impacting the way that the autumn sales period runs. There are now plenty of indoor and greenhouse growing operations that produce a significant number of products throughout the entire year. This creates a buffer of sorts, and although Croptober is still a decent time for consumers who would like to save on their fall supply, the difference is not as great as it used to be.

It’s an ideal situation for hardworking growers who expect to make the profit they deserve after spending so many months trying to cultivate the best product possible.

Cultivation Equipment

Thanks to the modern conveniences of machinery, cultivating a crop is much quicker and easier than it ever was in the past. With all of the cultivation equipment options available on the market today, growers have all sorts of opportunities to perfect their setup. This way, they can easily maintain the quality of the product that took all growing season to produce, without sacrificing time or workplace demands.

GreenBroz Harvesting Products

GreenBroz has been in the harvesting business for nearly a decade, and as such, the company has had time to perfect their machinery. The company offers practically any piece of harvesting machinery a grower could possibly need in order to turn raw produce into dried, trimmed, and packaged material that’s ready for retailers. 

  • Sorter: GreenBroz sorting device helps take the hassle out of sizing flowers, and on top of making the process simple, the Sorter reduces the need for human contact with the product which helps increase purity, potency, and product quality. 
  • Model M Dry Trimmer: The Model M Dry Trimmer aims to mimic hand-trimming as close as possible while improving productivity at the same time. The machine is gentle, yet can trim between 8 and 12 pounds of product per hour. This means that the trimmer will trim products precisely without damaging them in the process.
  • CannaGin Destemmer: CannaGin Destemming devices are a must-have when it comes to the automated harvesting process. Because the Destemmer allows for several stem guides, more than one stem length can be processed at a time. With this, the time between the first cut and final trim is greatly reduced to allow a more efficient destemming process.
  • Alchemist 420 Extractor: This version of the Extractor unit ensures that growers are getting the best yield out of their harvest by gently trimming down the flower product before loading it into the 215 Extractor.
  • Alchemist 215 Extractor: Following a proper trim, the 215 Extractor gently strips away the trichomes, or hairlike growths covering the surface of the plant. This way, the trichome substances can be utilized for the production of additional bhang products (like tinctures and concentrates).

Twister Trimmers

Twister is one of the largest trimming machinery manufacturers on the market and it produces an array of trimming units to growers across the globe. This includes top of the line trimming machines, buckers, accessories, and miscellaneous tools so that as growing companies expand, their setup can expand with them.

  • Twister T6 Trimmer: This trimming unit does not take up a lot of space but is possibly one of the most high-grade pieces on the market for small-capacities. It can handle 5lbs of dry product or 18lbs of wet product per hour, and because of the small size, it’s possible to have the T6 Trimmer work in a small space, even at home.
  • Twister BatchOne Trimmer: This trimmer is ideal for growers who prefer to trim their produce dry. It offers quality trimming work and can trim up to 88lbs of product per hour, making for fast and easy harvests.
  • Twister B4 Bucking Machine: The B4 Bucking Machine can handle the work of between 5 and 7 humans, processing up to 150lbs of product per hour. Growers can choose to use the unit atop the designated stand, or because of the versatile design, it can be operated from the tailgate of a truck. 
  • Conveyors: Twister also carries a variety of different conveyors and conveyor additions to help make the harvesting process more streamlined. They come in several height variations and a clean, dependable stainless steel build.
  • Accessories: On top of the Twister conveyor sets, there are also several accessories growers can use to improve their harvesting setup. Included are tumblers, hoses, stands, vacuum bags, hole plates, and more.

Centurion Pro Trimmers

Centurion produces a variety of different trimming devices that can improve the efficiency of any size of harvesting production. By reducing the human workflow requirements, growers can ensure that harvesting remains on track, keeps the highest quality, and gets harvested products onto the market as soon as possible. With this in mind, growers can keep as much of their profits as possible, thanks to relying on dependable machinery to get the job done.

  • Centurion Pro — Original: The Original trimmer is perfect for any medium-sized harvesting operation and can handle the work of 25 human harvesters, processing up to 100lbs of wet crop and 20lbs of dry per hour.
  • Centurion Pro — Silver Bullet: The Silver Bullet version is similar to the Original model, but it comes with sound control features (Infinity Bluetooth stereo) and a silencer for the leaf collection suction system. It’s an ideal setup for growers who would like a little more quiet in their harvesting work.
  • Centurion Pro — Tabletop: The Tabletop tumble-style trimmer is the smallest and most efficient product of its kind. Despite its small size, it can handle the workload of six human trimmers. It can process 30lbs of wet product and 6lbs of dry per hour. On top of that, it's only two feet long and can fit just about anywhere.
  • Centurion Pro — Gladiator: This unit is the highest-volume trimming machine in the world and can handle the workload of 40 human trimmers. The Gladiator can process 150lbs of wet crop and 30lbs of dry per hour of use. The sheer quantity of work the Gladiator can handle does not negatively impact the quality of the product produced.
  • Centurion Pro 3.0: This unit works with medical-grade precision and is one of the highest capacity automated trimmers worldwide. Additionally, its Health Canada and FDA-prepared. It can replace 75 human trimmers and handles 250lbs of wet product or 50lbs of dry per hour.
  • Centurion Pro — Mini: This mini-trimming unit, despite the small size of it, can replace 18 human workers without negatively impacting the product’s quality. The Mini can process 75lbs of wet product and 15lbs of dry per hour. It’s perfect for a small to medium-sized operation.
  • Accessories:

Trim Bags

Trimbags are collapsible devices for dry trimming that help easily improve trimming processes, and at the same time they keep the product neatly collected. They can be used in any environment to make trimming a high-quality, affordable process. Indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse trimming can all be handled with quality and time-management in mind when it comes to producing finely trimmed bhang.

Munch Machine

Munch Machine specializes in high-quality bucking machines that make it easier for growers to complete their harvest, especially when time is a factor. A well-designed, high-capacity bucking device can make a lot of difference when it comes to reducing human labor and still producing a superior product.

  • Mother Bucker: This unit can harvest up to 150lbs of product per hour and in addition, it’s versatile in handling both wet and dry produce. The Mother Bucker bucking unit is easy to clean and doesn’t take up a lot of space considering how much work it does.
  • Double Bucker: This unit works the same way the Mother Bucker does, but it doubles the production. Instead of 150lbs of product per hour, this one can handle 300lbs of wet product or 76lbs of dry.

With Croptober in full swing, growers can take pride in knowing that all of their hard work will soon be rewarded. From the very beginning of the growing season to the moment that the last crop yield is packaged and ready for distribution, there are a lot of processes to cover. Thankfully, the high-quality harvesting machinery helps get crops from the field to the consumer as quickly as possible, without sacrificing any of the carefully maintained quality of the product. 

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