Agrowtek Controllers


Agrowtek Controllers

When it comes to operating and managing a greenhouse, there are a lot of variables that you must be aware of. From the ventilation to the lighting to the growing medium to the watering system, there is a lot to consider. Having an intelligent controller to help you manage all of these aspects can be the difference between a failed crop and a successful grow.

Agrowtek provides some of the best controllers on the market when it comes to operating a greenhouse. With the options they offer along with the multitude of set ups, they can provide you with the exact system you need for your operation.

Who is Agrowtek?

Agrowtek is a company who manufactures their high-tech products at their factory in Gurnee, Illinois USA. They are a company that specializes in revolutionizing growing operations through environmental control systems, nutrient dosing systems, and precision digital sensors for atmosphere and water.

Their technology and systems serve more than just greenhouse and indoor growing operations. They also specialize in Agriculture, Industrial Process, OEM & Private Label, Analytical, Food & Beverage, Water Treatment.

What is a controller?

A controller is exactly as it sounds; it controls your growing systems. This could be your watering cycle, nutrient dosing, and ventilation and lighting systems. It is meant to connect everything to be seamlessly controlled by you or through an automated system that keeps everything running smoothly.

While controllers can be expensive, they offer a plethora of benefits to help keep your growing operation at optimum output. Controllers can work with pretty much any system you have in place. They take much of the manual labor out of your growing system. They also allow you to remain in control even when you’re not physically present.

These controllers can also monitor aspects that you could never do on your own, such as monitoring Co2 levels and temperature regulation.

Types of controllers

There are many system specific controllers.

  • CO2 Controllers
  • Humidity Controllers
  • Irrigation Controllers
  • Lighting Controllers
  • Nutrient Controllers
  • pH Controllers
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Ventilation Controllers

Additionally, there are overall controllers, such as those offered by Agrowtek, that can control the whole system and preside over your other controllers.

GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control System

The GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control System offers full cultivation control that provides reliability and flexibility. It’s a system that is going to help modern growers overcome the challenges associated with indoor growing operations.

Agrowtek has one of the most advanced and economical system controllers in the industry, and they have worked on and perfected the system over a decade. Their system also makes it easy to expand, which means your growing operation can start small and easily grow.

What it does

Their system will allow you to manage, monitor and control the entire operation and equipment in your greenhouse. This helps with everything from irrigation and lighting to automatic dosing and HVAC, with everything between. The smart system will keep you informed of everything occurring in your operation by sending out email and text alerts any time there is a problem. The remote control will allow you to solve many of these problems even when you’re far away from your operation.

How it works

The user friendly interface of the GrowControl™ will help simplify even the most complex environments. The sleek and intuitive interface boasts extensive control programming capabilities along with simple installation of the hardware. Additionally, you can connect as many as 100 Agrowtek GrowNET™ devices to the GCX system. If you need more than that, 200 Agrowtek GrowNET™ devices can be connected to the GCX+ system. The simple Ethernet cable connection allows for easy installation and insured system communication.

Benefits of using this system

There are many great benefits of using this system. From getting remote access and updates to getting industrial level quality.

Remote access and updates

When it comes to running your greenhouse or indoor growing, you cannot preside over it 24 hours a day. Yet, it is vital to maintain a constant monitoring of the growing operation. Problems can arise at any given time, which is where having a system like Agrowtek GrowControl™ can be the difference between finding the error well past the point of return and finding and solving the issue before it ruins your grow.

Data logging

GrowControl™ makes it simple to store and log data. It uses internal and external storage through a USB. The system also offers optional devices such as a WiFi module. Using standard CSV format files, it is easy to log the information in a spreadsheet or other custom applications so that you can monitor the operation’s efficiency.

Easy control over everything

The easy to use system means that you don’t need to be a technical expert to be able to efficiently run your growing operation. You can focus on the plants rather than the computers running everything. You will have control over all the systems that you implement. Bringing everything together into one system means you won’t have to worry about each individual element.

Industrial quality

Agrowtek offers the highest quality and industrial grade equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small growing operation or a massive industrial operation. Their system can effectively serve your needs.

GrowNET™ Devices

In order to create the most effective system, you can combine GrowNET™ Devices to optimize all aspects of your grow.

Check out the products sold by Agron.

Environment Sensors

    • GrowControlTM SXC Climate Sensor & Data Logger is a precision digital indoor sensor featuring temperature, humidity, ambient light and optionally CO2 ppm. Fan aspirated for continuous accuracy with removable air filters. Connect to Agrowtek's GrowControlTM Control systems for advanced environmental control solutions.

Hydroponics Sensors

    • Expand the number of GrowNET™ ports on your Agrowtek GCX Cultivation Controller or connect multiple devices to MODBUS using the LX2 ModLINK. Uses standard RJ-45/Ethernet cables and simplifies cabling requirements.
    • GrowControlTM SXH precision digital hydroponics sensor transmitter, data logger and mini-controller for temperature, pH and electrical conductivity. Precision digital electronics with isolated probe inputs accurately read and record sensor data.

Dosing Pumps

    • Rugged and economical peristaltic pumps are designed for injecting nutrient solutions, pH buffers and other chemicals into stock tanks or pressurized water lines up to 20psi. Pump heads feature a suction inlet tube and a pressurized outlet tube.

Relays & I/O

    • GrowControlTM RX4i relay independently operates four receptacles for control of equipment such as: irrigation pumps, CO2 equipment, fans, lighting trigger cords, etc. Connects instantly to Agrowtek's GCX Cultivation Controls or to a SXE sensor via a GrowNET™ port for advanced automated control functions.
    • GrowControl™ RD8i relay independently operates eight dry contacts for control of equipment such as: HVAC systems, relay/contactor panels, lighting panels, motor controllers, etc. Connects instantly to Agrowtek's GCX Cultivation Controls or to a SXE sensor via a GrowNET™ port for advanced automated control functions.
    • GrowControl™ RX1i relay operates a single 120V / 12A outlet for control of individual devices such as CO2 generators and other remotely located equipment. Connects instantly to Agrowtek's GCX Cultivation Controls or to a SXE sensor via a GrowNET™ port for advanced automated control functions.

GrowNET™ Hubs


The BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation Systems are designed for multi-zone greenhouse irrigation and hydroponics facilities. It uses a batch-type nutrient mixing system to schedule the proper nutrient dosing for your plants. The multi-zone system allows you to get the right amount and types of nutrients to the correct plants. The automated system works on a schedule that you create, taking the manual labor out of the equation.

The system is durable and uses FDA compliant tubing, ensuring that you get the best quality and the most reliability.

What it does

The system will allow you to directly feed up to 14 unique zones in your greenhouse. This will save you the headache of having to create separate systems for each zone. The BDX BatchMatic™ Fertigation Systems comes in 5, 10, or 12 chemical pump variations. Each pump can be configured for EC nutrient dosing, pH up, pH down, or ORP as required.

While you’ll have to provide your own tanks, the system makes it easy to distribute to your plants.

How it works

It’s automated system will utilize the pumps and tubing to distribute your nutrient feed to the right plants. Having 5, 10, or 12 chemical pumps allows the system to differentiate where to send each specific batch of nutrients and feed.

Benefits of using this system

When it comes to using this fertigation system there are plenty of clear benefits.

Batch dosing

When it comes to fertigation, batch dosing is often touted as the safest method. This allows all aspects to be double checked prior to providing the plants with the mixture. The system will be able to detect and alert you to any sort of critical problems like chemical outages, faults in the equipment, or any other drastic problems.

Redundancy sensors

Using redundant safety features and checks ensures that your crops get exactly what they need without the worry of something going wrong.

Highest quality

Agrowtek brings with it a decade of experience manufacturing the technology and components used in greenhouses. This has allowed them to implement enhanced capabilities that are on par with the demand for reliable and autonomous dosing applications. They promise high-grade systems for affordable prices.

Easy to use interface

The controller's large built-in color touch screen display provides an easy to use interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the dosing settings. Display includes features such as:

  • Current batch status, recipe, stage, etc.
  • Pause, continue, skip & run-now features for manual control
  • Sensor / system monitoring & display
  • Schedule event configuration
  • Recipe editing and creation
  • Alarm settings and configuration
  • Email account & recipient settings
  • Guided sensor calibration screens
  • Manual pump priming and system diagnostics
  • User accounts & login screen

MCX Mini Climate Control System

Depending on the size of your operation and your needs, you might not need as encompassing of a system as what The GrowControl™ GCX Cultivation Control System offers. The MCX Mini Climate Control System is a wonderful option for environment monitoring and control with a single intelligent relay module. It gives you a simple, autonomous environment controller for basic applications.

What it does

Using intelligent sensors for temperature, humidity, and Co2, you’re able to set the ideal balance in your greenhouse using this simple system. You’re able to program day and night time set points, which allows you the control over each factor. The SXE controller also comes equipped with a light sensor to detect day and night based on ambient light levels. 

How it works

MCX Mini Climate Control System uses many of the same sensors and monitors that the larger GCX system uses. It takes into account current levels of temperature, humidity, and CO2 and helps regulate them to keep each factor within the margin you desire. The autonomous system will keep things running smoothly even when you’re away.

Benefits of using this system

There are many benefits for using this smaller system if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the larger GCX system.

Control the environment of your greenhouse

With the SXE controller, you’re able to maintain control over the factors that will matter most to having a successful operation. It allows simple control over:

  • Heating & Cooling
  • Humidification & Dehumidification
  • CO2 Inject & Exhaust/Alarm
  • 24-Hour Timers & Repeat Cycle Timers
  • Day & Night Set-Points w/Light Sensor
  • Visual & Audible Alarms
  • High-Temperature Lights Shutdown

Simple but effective system

Just because this system is smaller than the GCX system doesn’t mean that it lacks the precision and ruggedness needed to get reliable and accurate control of your environments both large and small. This package offers an economical and easy to use system. These systems are all built from a decade of experience, and they continue to evolve and improve to meet all the needs of your environmental control applications.

The controller's built-in color display provides an interface for monitoring the sensor readings and configuring the control settings. Also includes features such as:

High/low history

Graphical history

Alarm set points with Buzzer

Sensor calibration

Relay Models

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