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Advanced Hemp New Product Line

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Hemp farmers all over the planet are always on the lookout for ways to improve their yields and the quality of their harvests. So much planning and investment goes into cultivating a product that can stand up to competition, and as such, growers always welcome innovative ways to give their produce the boost it needs.

In order to harvest a high-quality product, hemp farms need to meet several growing demands. To start, it’s important to purchase only the best quality seeds. Starting with a low-quality seed can’t be made up for later and will usually result in a subpar crop.

Additionally, hemp plants require the right amount of water and sun exposure, and for different strains, these factors vary. On top of adequate sun and water, hemp plants have a specific nutritional requirement from the soil in which they’re planted. If any one of these factors are neglected, growers stand to either lose the crop completely or harvest poor-quality yields.

For this reason, Advanced Hemp has made a name for itself in the world of hemp cultivation. 

This hemp-specific fertilizer was designed to meet the nutritional requirements for all stages of hemp growth. It’s the world’s first fertilizer of its type and given the time and work that went into its development, it’s difficult to argue against Advanced Hemp being the best of its type.

With Advanced Hemp products, growers can cultivate plants with the highest CBD and CBG content, while keeping THC levels within regulatory lows. Over two decades of hemp-centric research went into this company’s genetic solution, so farms who trust the brand can have an edge over those that do not put as much emphasis on plant nutrition. 

In short, Advanced Hemp helps hemp harvests live up to their full genetic potential. In a saturated hemp market, a product that stands out is the best way to make a profit.

Challenges in Hemp Cultivation

To produce the best possible yields, hemp cultivators have to dedicate themselves to working long hours, staying on top of new developments in their fields, and putting a strong work ethic to the test. Even when growers put forth their greatest efforts, there are challenges in hemp farming that come with the territory.

With this in mind, it’s not uncommon for growers to run into a variety of issues along the way, some of which may end up being quite costly. For example:

  • THC content that’s too high to meet regulations
  • Unwittingly purchasing poor-quality seeds
  • High production costs
  • Trouble at the end of the line regarding the final product’s quality
  • Tight timelines for drying and processing products
  • Crop theft or damage
  • Competition in the market 
  • The various causes of crop loss

Though these challenges stand to be detrimental to a growing operation, experienced and dedicated farmers take as many precautions as necessary to combat these occurrences. Good growers know that their products are only ever as good as the people behind them. With this in mind, most hemp cultivators do their best to be aware of new farming practices and helpful tools they can use. Part of continuing to provide stellar products to the public involves becoming well-versed in innovative farming practices.

To supplement superior knowledge, it’s important to start a growing season with the best possible chances. By buying high-quality seeds from reputable suppliers, farmers can reduce a lot of hemp-related problems before they ever start.

Finally, using hemp-specific fertilizer and a specialized growing system makes it to where growers can maximize their yields, ensure the highest possible CBD and CBG levels, and put a high-quality product into the market. 

About Advanced Hemp Fertilizer

Advanced Hemp’s development of hemp-specific fertilizer took over 20 years to perfect. That said, with such a rich history, hemp cultivators can feel confident in the brand’s ability to not only maximize hemp yields but encourage soil environments that increase CBD and CBG levels as much as possible. 

In the two decades devoted to the scientific development of hemp research, production, and growing experience, Advanced Hemp offers more than a standard fertilizer. Each batch is composed of balanced ratios and specially blended micronutrients. With these blends, hemp plants grown in Advanced Hemp fertilizers have the exact nutritional components required to grow properly at all times throughout the growing season. 

In addition to providing growers with a superior product, Advanced Hemp is dedicated to being the best in the industry. This includes offering outstanding customer support even after a purchase is complete. The sales team and grow support team offer round-the-clock support and address any questions or concerns growers may have. 

This means that Advanced Hemp supports growers throughout the entire growing season. Instead, the teams will work with farmers to ensure the crop meets every possible condition before harvest. This way, the growing operation significantly increases their chances of producing an unbeatable product. With more than two decades in the growing business, there’s nothing they can’t offer advice on.

Advanced Hemp Fertilizer Content

Each batch of Advanced Hemp fertilizers encourage increased product yields and encourage bountiful CBD and CBG content. The fertilizer blends accomplish this with the use of several key ingredients: 

  • EDTA 
  • EDDHA 
  • DPTA
  • Glycinates

Hemp sciences validate the idea that this combination of elements protects crops and helps maintain ideal pH levels in the soil. Because this chemical combination contains cation-to-anion exchange ratios, it creates an acidic root zone, which is a key component in proper hemp cultivation. 

The macronutrients, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients each increase CBD and CBG production, and at the same time, these nutrient blends help keep THC content low enough to comply with regulations.

It’s important to foster the perfect conditions in order to produce a high-quality crop. What may seem like an unimportant factor can greatly affect the resulting product. Quality variations, as most hemp harvesters know, can make or break a successful harvest. Because some growth factors are out of the cultivator’s control, it’s crucial to limit risks and maintain control of as many factors as humanly possible.

By entering a growing season with high-quality seeds and hemp-specific fertilizer, cultivators are giving their products an edge over the competition from the earliest point available to them. Though so much of the end result comes from proper growing and harvesting methods, starting off on the right foot helps protect crops from avoidable damage and gives them the extra push they need to become products that compete in a saturated market.

Why Work With Advanced Hemp?

Advanced Hemp not only produces high-quality, hemp-specific fertilizer, but the creator and team behind the brand have decades of experience that they have spent researching and improving hemp-growing practices. The company was developed by industry professionals that both understand and respect the risks that hemp farmers take each growing season.

Because the company has spent over 20 years perfecting their product, they’re able to offer a great growing solution as well as outstanding customer support throughout the growing and harvesting period.

Advanced Hemp understands the importance of cultivating high-quality CBD products. By putting a variety of high-CBD products on the market, farmers are providing a valuable service for medical patients who seek natural relief from painful conditions. Though some doctor-prescribed medications are necessary in order to manage serious health conditions, CBD-rich hemp products can help reduce or even eliminate residual pain and unpleasant pharmaceutical side effects.

Thanks to the dedication of hemp farmers, many medical patients are given the choice to manage their conditions naturally, when in the past, pharmaceutical treatment was the only available option.

While producing a product that truly helps improve an individual’s quality of life presents its own reward, hemp cultivators need to make a profit in order to remain in operation. This is accomplished by dedicating the growing process to producing the best product possible, which can only be attained by growing a crop in ideal conditions.

About the Creator

Mike Straumietis, the founder and CEO of Advanced Hemp has been working in the legal hemp business since 1983. In 1999, he founded Advanced Nutrients, the first-ever hemp-specific nutrient blend. From there, he was granted one of only three licenses in the world that allowed him to legally grow and research hemp and its attributes.

Along with his team of 25 PhD-holding scientists, Mike Straumietis has continued to introduce innovative practices that have significantly improved hemp cultivation sciences.

With unrivaled experience in the hemp industry, Advanced Hemp has made a name for itself in hemp-specific nutrition. In fact, this company sells to farms in 107 countries as the most commonly used hemp fertilizer worldwide.

What Are Growers Saying About Advanced Hemp?

One company, Mid Michigan Hemp, has been in the cultivation industry for over 12 years. Upon using Advanced Hemp fertilizers for the first time, they noted much better nutrient profiles in their products. 

Within three days of using Advanced Hemp fertilizer, the company’s owners noticed a significant change in the lushness of their crops, better oil production, and an overall improvement in the harvest. 

When compared with a competing product, the differences that Advanced Hemp presented made a world of difference. 

Additional Perks

To offer their customers the greatest opportunity to develop high-quality hemp (with low THC content), Advanced Hemp goes above and beyond to help growers. Specialists from the company are available to bring diagnostic equipment to hemp fields in order to test for the right time to harvest crops. With this diagnostic equipment, Advanced Hemp can help protect growers from allowing crops to produce too much THC to fit regulatory measures. This offering greatly reduces the chance of losing crops due to THC content, meaning that more crop is appropriate for harvest, more is packaged for sale, and greater sales create higher profits.

In addition, Advanced Hemp’s support team dedicates time to offering advice throughout the growing season so that farmers can rest at ease knowing that they’re cultivating a successful crop. 

In summary, hemp farmers can’t go wrong with Advanced Hemp nutrients. On one hand, growing operations that trust this company are backed by over 20 years of research and development. To add to an already fantastic product, hemp farmers can take advantage of growing and harvesting advice from industry professionals that have been growing the highest-quality hemp for decades!

For hemp cultivators that truly want to start their harvesting journey off with the best possible benefit, Advanced Hemp is the way to go. Not only do they offer a product that took more than twenty years to perfect, but the support team is also available through every step of the growing process. As industry professionals, they are able to provide knowledgeable support no matter what questions come to mind. With Advanced Hemp, growing operations can take advantage of their crop’s best genetic profiles possible. Their fertilizer is the key component for high-quality, high CBD and CBG hemp products.

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